Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews says he’s primed for rebound season

Jonathan Toews Jersey

Photo on the Jonathan Toews “Instagram account, has provided a candid look at the life of this summer Blackhawks captain.

Toews, among other activities, the beach, fishing, golf, overseas travel, kayak, attended the concert, it has been drawn relax in the wake board and hiking. He is the future of the World Cup of Hockey, then, in preparation for the season of the NHL, are some of the more recent posts, is a workout Toews.

So how off-season is, do you have going for him?

“It could not be any good,” Toews Jersey said. “It physical part, but is huge, I can be (and, from the mentally game it away acquired, to do something else is the first month or two I’m happy. and, come to link you back, I think that it is time to get back to the gym) just excited about it, actually to, have the motivation that comes naturally in just the fact that mental energy. ”

Toews is why it was very important to take advantage of the long normal summer than the Hawks “is here: he was tired at the end of the season of the era.

The same much shocking and Toews, “the decline of the aggressive production – he is a total of 28 goals for his lowest point of the three seasons, had 30 assists – so much he is more than the previous three campaigns was a factor He pleaded the fatigue hockey from the play.

The amount of the “hockey is plus, Toews looked strong between the two exhibition weekend of team Canada in front of the” World Cup, he said. You are and to get the off-season like (us), “But, you did understand what has come out in the first two rounds of most of the teams that are not or create a kind one of the playoff of the dealing. all of those people are in the season ready to go Come.

“You deal with injuries, to get ready to go again, if there is a moon that might hop on ice for back training camp, I think I definitely have caught up with me.”

In the fashion of true Toews, he then, was really is rotated in the right wing Marian attacks and anyone at the top of the line to the left-wing spot to blame himself for never jelly of coach Joel Quenneville.

“I looked at myself, unless should not take the responsibility,” Toews said. “When it tries to find a winger to play with me and attack, became the musical chairs game in the first half of the season There, two of us I think to take that responsibility. I place we need that we there was not pretty. ”

One of the headlines the biggest question mark in the regular season, is the person to skate in the Hawks’ Toews in the first row. Quenneville also struggling attack offensively last season, suggests, look who you adjacent to Toews, which means an open audition, will drop to the third line.

“Though, I think it is whether, as the person who played it who attack or of others, our 2 will want to have the year of the comeback definitely,” Toews said. “However, play loose and play with some of the excitement to have fun. its sin is it to let us come a way did not quite last year. we are for a while there, fighting it year. ”

After Bruce is the removal of the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs, Toews, in response to treatment, May was “my body is trying to be able to heal as long as I can.” Which spent in Chicago then he He began his excellent summer adventure. Along the way he his exploits on the Instagram, which drew the attention of the Hawks team-mate, has been documented.

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