Baby steps for Blackhawks


Lorenzo and Randy Watkins Trino knew it would be small steps that take place when they decided to launch the golf Southeastern College Community last spring.

The Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys took another step forward on Tuesday hosted the first SCC Invitational in Spirit Hollow.

SCC co-coaches provided an opportunity not only to learn about your team, but a showcase of one of the best golf courses in the Midwest, which has become a point higher sales when they hit the track recruitment.
The budding SCC program had a strong start in its first home meet. Men No. 1 team finished fifth overall with 351, while the team No. 2 was seventh with 374. In the women’s, New London high school graduate lever Emma and Frances Johnson opened the way for the Blackhawks. Lever, which is still recovering from a broken arm suffered in softball, finished fourth with 90, while Johnson was fifth with 96.

Southwestern won the men’s team title with 318, led by medalist Stacy Genaille, who carded a 2-over par 74.

Watkins and Trine continue to learn about his young team. Meanwhile, they have one of the best facilities around a window.

“We have to start somewhere and I think this is a big step for us, as you get into big tournaments. This is our first year for fall and spring and I hope this helps for spring and our children understand that we have to work every day, “Watkins said. “It’s not just go out and play 18 or nine holes all the time. You have to get in the end. You have to get on the putting green. It was a learning experience for us, too, as coaches because we have to. Learn what are the strengths and weaknesses of each child are are So it was a learning experience for me and coach Trine to be there and watch our kids play – his balls, flights, their strengths and weaknesses, if they lose a ball left or right.’ve talked about it (Monday to return Ames).’re learning about our children to spring when the conference begins. I think we had a good fall. we have great kids. I hope we can get best of the rest of the fall and be ready for spring. ” Toews Jersey.

“It was a little difficult.’re Not supposed to really be playing. My arm is still a little broken. It does not really affect me now, but the time is what affected me. I can only say that I lost much of my skill. is going to take a lot of work to get back to where it was, but nothing that is not possible, “said lever. “I hit some decent shots. I ended up with a couple, so it was fine. I had no birdies. He had a lot of bogeys and a couple of pairs. It was long and toast. It was not my best day. There is definitely room for improvement “.

graduate of New London High School Gillis Hagin took the men SCC 85. Also carding one he is making the difficult transition from school golf course at university level.

“It was a big transition, especially the courses we play. It just comes from a smaller school who do not play courses of this caliber. In addition, competition is much harder, so you just have to adapt,” Gillis said. “I’ve been working on putting. The greens are quite fast, especially here. I’ve been working on hitting fairways and greens.

“Coaches (in New London) were very good and helped me a lot and coaches (SCC) also help me a lot.”

Also for SCC, Camron Mack fired a 86, Gavin Dostal, Jordan Hobbs and Devin Kester each shot 87, Sean longshoremen had a 92, Nic Pundt had a 93, Zane Campbell finished with a 96 and Shay Palmer carded a 105.
It is still a work in progress for the SCC.

“I think it went well. I think there was a great field here today. I wish we could have played a little better in our home field, but coach Trine and I said that children have enough talent for now. This is just to get that tournament experience. many of them have not played at this level. We played in some big tournaments this year and we played some good competition, “Watkins said. .. “That is our selling point really have to thank Mr. (Randy) Wyfels Winegard and Jim and Greg Mason for the opportunity to sell alcohol to help recruit gap I think is where it starts. – With installation I do whether it is football, basketball, baseball, golf or whatever. If you have the facilities to have children want to go to the university, which is a great big piece sale. I can not express my gratitude to Mr. Wyfels and Mr. Winegard to open his arms for us to come here and play and practice almost any time we want. ”

The tournament also served as a homecoming for William Penn High Zack Conrad, who played at Burlington High School under Trine. While Conrad struggled for 81 in his attempt to make college team of statesmen, it was an opportunity to go home and play his old home course in front of friends and family.

“I started pretty well. I hit my driver well, but my putter was pretty bad,” Conrad said. “It was fun that my father and everyone came to see me, but I would like to have played a little better. It’s fun to go home with my old course. I just wish I would have played a little better. Blackhawks Winter Classic Jersey.

“I’m like No. 8 at this time and the first five varsity game. I played bad my last two tournaments. We have a very tough team this year.”

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