Baby steps for Blackhawks


Lorenzo and Randy Watkins Trino knew it would be small steps that take place when they decided to launch the golf Southeastern College Community last spring.

The Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys took another step forward on Tuesday hosted the first SCC Invitational in Spirit Hollow.

SCC co-coaches provided an opportunity not only to learn about your team, but a showcase of one of the best golf courses in the Midwest, which has become a point higher sales when they hit the track recruitment.
The budding SCC program had a strong start in its first home meet. Men No. 1 team finished fifth overall with 351, while the team No. 2 was seventh with 374. In the women’s, New London high school graduate lever Emma and Frances Johnson opened the way for the Blackhawks. Lever, which is still recovering from a broken arm suffered in softball, finished fourth with 90, while Johnson was fifth with 96. Continue reading